Tutorial on Web Start Technology

This tutorial explains how you can see java applications using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome Browser. As mentioned on the website the java applications

does not work in the above browser where we need  java plugins. Java Plugins have been deprecated and will no longer will be supported in newer versions of Java Runtime Environment (JRE). For web start technology to work all you need some settings in Java Console and Windows OS, which we will show you..

1) Firefox Broswer Configuration for Web Start Technology:

Note IE and Chrome do not need browser configuration.

In Firefox broswer click ---> Tools ----> Options


In Options----> Go to Applications ----> Make sure you open JNLP File using Web Start Launcher

In Tools ----> Add Ons ---> It does not show Java Plugins as shown in slide below

For Web start to work in IE And Chrome you need to open ---> Default Programs

Click the link Associate JNLP File with a program

Here JNLP File is associated with Java Web Start Launcher as shown below.


In Control Panel of Windows OS There is Java Control Panel which when opened looks like this. This console has changed from earlier versions of JRE Installations. Also make sure that for Web Start to work properly remove all the other versions of JRE Installed on your computer and keep the latest version which matches the bit (32 bit or 64 bit) version of windows OS. In Programs---> Java---> Jre where you can installed earlier versions of java. For Programs (x86) ----> Java----> JRE ( x86 is 32 bit JRE Version)

In Web Settings Input website address in Exception Site List

In Advanced tab of Java Control Panel check Show Console and Prompt User for JNLP File. Java Console helps you in debug Web Start Applications.


Now you are ready to see the demo of Web Start Application: Go to Java App

Remember it takes atleast 30 seconds to load the JavaFx Video Application.