How to enable Java Plugin in Waterfox Browser? How can i view Applets and JavaFX Applications in Browser?

1) In order to view Java Applications in browser you need to have 2 things:

- Waterfox Browser ( For 64 bit Windows OS and 64 bit JRE (Java) Installation use 64 bit Waterfox Browser)

- You need to install Java from Oracle site into your computer. Once installed you will be able to access Java Console from Control Panel of

Windows OS.

2) Waterfox Browser is only browser that supports Java Plugin. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome do not support java plugin.

3) Now Waterfox Browser and Java Installation continuously gets updated and as a result you cannot view java applications so what should i do?

As mentioned above Waterfox Browser and Java Installation should be 64 bit for Windows OS which is 64 bit and 32 bit for

32 bit Windows OS. So REMOVE all the java installations from your computer which are 32 bit or mismatch with Windows OS and Waterfox Browser.

Also if you have 32 bit java installation on your OS then in 64 bit waterfox Browser if you go to Tools --> Add Ons---> Plugins you will not see

java plugins in Waterfox Browser. But if you install 64 bit java jre installations then waterfox browser automatically detects java plugin and shows it

in Add Ons of the browser.  Or else you will see dialog that says java not supported in waterfox browser.

4) After installation of these two softwares it is time to specify URL in the Exception Site List of Java Console. Exception site list is in

web settings ( For Java 9 Installation). This is necessary for Self signed certificates of Java Application. Or Else a person has to spend lot of money for buying digital certificates from verifying authorities.

My Comments:

Oracle should make this whole thing very user-friendly and browser friendly. Javafx with J2EE (Database Integration) has the potential to revolutionaries the web application and has lot of applications in field of Engineering, Medicine, Art , Design etc. For solving present day social problems this technology will form base

for new developments in Science and Technology.