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Statue of Poet and Reformer Dalpatram Memorial

Title Location Sub Location Photo Upload Time
Statue of Poet and Reformer Dalpatram Memorial Kalupur Nr. Kalupur Swaminarayan Temple 2009-08-21 10:26:12.848
City: Ahmedabad Category of Photo Album/Photo No: Heritage Walk/6

Description: Dalpatram was born into a humble Brahmin family which was rich in Vedic knowledge and culture. He grew up to the resonant chanting of "Mantras" and recitations of religious scriptures. By the age of twelve, even without vedic knowledge, Dalpatram displayed his literary talents by composing "Hondulas". He plucked the strings of soulful music while learning the "Pingal" from Shri Devanand Swami.

Dalpatram's family legacy included ritualistic prayers from his mother and "Doha Chapans" from his uncle. He formally mastered the structures of Rhyme, Poesis and "Vrajbhasha" as a Swaminarayan devotee under Brahmanand Swami.

At the age of 24, he came to Ahmedabad and plunged passionately into various social and literary activities. He championed the upliftment of oppressed classes and empowerment of women. This progressive thinker was also strong advocate of enlightened education.

Kavi Dalpatram career spanned 6 books and 25 awards and included drama, poems, songs, essays and articles. His creations like "Hari Lila Amrut" brings peace and goodwill into disturbed minds. "Ven Chandra" advocates social reforms. "Kutch Garbawadi" sensitively aims for creating awareness among women. "Mithyabiman" and "Laxmi" are satires on human ego and pride.

In tribute to his work Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Citizens of Ahmedabad proposed a memorial at the site of his house. This memorial is located in Lambeshwar ni pol near Swaminarayan Temple.

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