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Photograph of NalSarovar Lake

Title Location Sub Location Photo Upload Time
Photograph of NalSarovar Lake Sanand NalSarovar Lake 2009-02-25 13:21:51.938
City: Ahmedabad Category of Photo Album/Photo No: NalSarovar Lake (Wild Life Bird Sanctuary)/1

Description: NalSarovar is the only Wild Life Bird Sanctuary within 60 km radius of Ahmedabad. It is located in Sanand city limits. Sanand is going to be part of Greater Ahmedabad City Limits within year's time. From Navrangpura Sanand is 20 kms and from Sanand there is a straight road that goes to Nal Sarovar which is 42 kms in distance, hence total of 62 kms. The road condition is alright. Best time to go to NalSarovar is from morning 7.00 - 9.00 am (sunrise time) and from 5.00 - 7.00 pm (sun set time). During this time water and weather is pleasant and you will see lot of birds in the lake. Morning and Evening time lake water is also cool. During Winter time (Jan - Feb) Birds from Siberia and Europe come to NalSarovar. Government charges Rs. 200 per person to visit this sanctuary. No Restaurants, hotels available at Nal Sarovar. You will have to take your own Food items. Cost for doing boating in NalSarovar ranges from Rs. 100 - 1000 for 1 hour boating. NalSarovar lake is just 3 feet deep. Lake is so huge that it looks like an Ocean. The photograph shown is of NalSarovar.

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